Heroic Truck Driver Prevents Disastrous Inferno In Chinese Tunnel

Heroic Truck Driver Prevents Disastrous Inferno In Chinese Tunnel

Tunnel fires are hellish.

With their constant airflow in one direction, tunnels are like gigantic bellows. Set something on fire in one and you very quickly end up with ridiculously high temperatures and toxic, smoke-filled air.

When a lorry fire broke out in the Mont Blanc Tunnel in 1999, nearly 40 people died and rescue equipment melted, while a truck blaze in the Channel Tunnel in 2008 saw temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius and the tunnel so badly damaged that it was inoperable for five months.

This is why we have no hesitation in calling this unnamed Chinese truck driver a hero.


Spotting that his load had caught fire in one of the tunnels on the massive 1,600-mile G75 Lanhai Expressway, he put his foot down and raced to a safe place outside where firefighters could get to work.

Our hero’s actions in putting his own safety at risk while getting the blazing load of car parts out of the tunnel averted what could have been a huge disaster.

SuperUnleaded salutes you, sir!

YouTube / CCTV News – via Iframely

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