Cyclist is caught on camera rear-ending a Volkswagen Up

Cyclist is caught on camera rear-ending a Volkswagen Up

This is the painful moment a cyclist was captured on camera smashing into the back of a Volkswagen Up.

Imagine you’re out on a lovely sunny day, enjoying a bike ride and without a care in the world, when suddenly – Ooof! – you end up splayed across the boot lid of a Volkswagen.

Chloe Richardson, who is from Richmond in North Yorkshire, was filming her sister riding her horse at Skeeby Bridge when she caught the unfortunate collision by chance.

It’s believed the VW stopped to let traffic come over the bridge and the cyclist rode straight into them.


The cyclist wasn’t said to be seriously hurt, fortunately, and although they really should have been paying more attention, we can’t help feeling sorry for them.

Posted on Richardson’s Facebook page last Thursday, the clip has rapidly gone viral, with nearly 500,000 people having watched it so far.

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Opublikowany przez Chloe Richardson na 29 czerwca 2017

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