Honda Civic Type R Sets New Lap Record At The Nurburgring

Honda Civic Type R Sets New Lap Record At The Nurburgring

Seeing a new Honda Civic Type R drive is enough to make any car nut swivel round quicker than the head of the possessed girl in The Exorcist.

Seeing one rocketing round the Nurburgring ramps things up even more, and a video newly released by Honda showing it setting a new lap time record for a front-wheel-drive production vehicle is seriously awesome to watch.

Honda Civic Type R Nurburgring

Listening with headphones is a must – you can almost feel the rumble strip vibrating the car as the driver hits each apex with amazing precision. Each gear change is audible as well, and the whole video is just very, very exciting to watch. That VTEC engine sounds fantastic too, reaching its maximum 9,000rpm.

The fact that the car makes it round one of the most challenging tracks in the world in seven minutes 43 seconds is mightily impressive. So this video really appeals to everyone. There’s an amazing engine soundtrack, superb driving skills and a record lap time – all completed in a Honda Civic Type R. Nice.

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