This Honda lawnmower is the coolest way to cut grass

This Honda lawnmower is the coolest way to cut grass

Cutting grass. One of those Sunday afternoon chores we all dread.

It’s a job that needs doing but you just know you could be doing something so much more interesting.

Luckily, the geniuses at Honda have obviously shared this boredom, because to celebrate the brand’s 25th year of Type R, they’ve created a special edition Type R Miimo prototype – and yes, it really is a Type R lawnmower.

The Honda Miimo lawnmower has existed since 2013, but for this special year it has received the Type R treatment. It’s even painted in the division’s trademark Championship White colours.

Miimo is autonomous, so you no longer have to waste your precious weekends cutting the lawn. It maps the grass and cuts it little but often, meaning there’s no need for the grass to ever be collected.

You don’t even have to worry about charging it as it does this itself. Who’s a clever robot then?

The lawnmowers are fully functioning and there’s even a CBR-branded Miimo concept wearing the famous colours of the iconic super-sports bike.

Honda, we want one as soon as possible, and here’s to another 25 years of spectacularly innovative designs.

See the (non-Type R) Miimo in action here:

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