Honda Believed To Be Plotting Junior NSX Sports Car

Honda Believed To Be Plotting Junior NSX Sports Car

Fancy a high-revving sports car? Haven’t got the cash for a fully-fledged NSX? Go and badger your local Honda now.

The Japanese brand is readying its NSX four-wheel drive hybrid supercar and already sells the micro machine-scale S660 mini-roadster in Japan, but this new model is set to slot in between and steal Porsche Cayman and Alfa 4C buyers.


Following on from petrolhead favourite the screaming S2000, the baby NSX is set to nab its big brother’s hybrid four-wheel drive format featuring the turbocharged 306bhp 2.0-litre motor form the brand new Civic Type-R.

With the addition of electric motors expect to see a total of 400bhp – enough to launch this sub-1,400kg machine to 62mph with Cayman-beating pace, with a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission juggling gears much more quickly than the fleshy lump in the driver’s seat.


Better get saving now, though, as even this ‘junior’ NSX is expected to cost around £60,000 when it arrives in 2018 – much more than its S2000 predecessor.

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