Honda S2000 Driver Goes ’Nuts At Traffic Lights

Honda S2000 Driver Goes ’Nuts At Traffic Lights

Look, we get it. Driving in traffic is boring.

That’s no excuse for this kind of foolishness, though.

This video, shot in Brooklyn, New York, shows a banana-yellow (okay, Spa Yellow) Honda S2000 approaching an intersection at a little bit of an unusual angle, before the driver decides to show off with scant regard for others.


Breaking traction, they pull a couple of wild donuts, much to the consternation of a scooter rider and the person filming the scene on their dashcam.

‘Funtime’ over and with a van approaching, the Honda peels out and exits frame-right, with only a couple of black circles and some smoke as evidence that it was ever there.

Oh, and this video:

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