Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai Goes On Sale, Costs… £53,105

Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai Goes On Sale, Costs… £53,105

Forget petrol. Forget diesel. Forget electric cars even. The future is hydrogen fuel cell power.

That is if you believe Hyundai, at least. The Korean company has now managed to cram fuel cell witchcraft under the bonnet of its ix35 crossover and it can be yours. Provided you have a spare £53,105 – after the £14,880 European HyFive grant.

78700hyu-Hyundai ix35

This might seem steep – especially when you could get a electric Tesla Model S with more than twice the power for the same price – but considering that this is the first mainstream hydrogen car available, it doesn’t seem too bad to us.

We’ve had the chance to get behind the wheel and the ix35 Fuel Cell drives just like an electric car and offers a useful 369 miles of range per three-minute hydrogen top up. All we need now are some hydrogen filling stations…

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