Hyundai buyers can save up to £6,000 in February

Hyundai buyers can save up to £6,000 in February

Hyundai’s new Upgrade Event could see buyers saving £6,000 on a new car when combined with an existing offer.

Every model in the range is eligible for the saving, with the stipulations being that the car must be ordered during February and be registered before March 31. This offer works in line with deposit contributions for finance buyers.

The Santa Fe SUV sees the Upgrade Event taking £3,000 off, on top of the existing £3,000 deposit contribution. Meanwhile, the new Tucson SUV has a £600 saving plus £2,000 contribution.

Hyundai i30

The biggest saving is available on the outgoing Tucson, which has a £4,500 deposit contribution plus a further £1,750 discount as part of the Upgrade Event.

The offers apply further down the range, too, with the i10 supermini getting a combined £800 discount, while the new i20 has a £1,750 saving and the i30 £2,000. Even the i30 N hot hatch gets a price cut, which totals £1,600.

Hyundai says prospective buyers can order their cars now then test drive them once lockdown restrictions have eased, with the option to cancel at no extra cost.

Ashley Andrew, Hyundai UK managing director, said: “Even with our showrooms operating digitally, and with all the expertise of our retailer staff at the end of a video call or a live chat, sometimes a test drive is absolutely necessary – especially for someone who may be unfamiliar with our hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric models.

“That’s why we’ve chosen to help our customers with this limited time Upgrade Event; not only do buyers get access to some of our best ever offers but they can buy with the full confidence of being able to cancel following a test drive in March.”

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