Police Stop Turns Into Terrifying Chase

Police Stop Turns Into Terrifying Chase

Shocking footage has emerged of a US police chase  ̶  and it looks like something straight out of Grand Theft Auto.

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The footage, recorded on an officer’s body camera last Friday, shows just how quickly a routine traffic stop can turn ugly.

Police were pulling over 34-year-old Thomas LaForce, who they say had warrants out for his arrest, when he suddenly floored the accelerator in a bid to escape.

The officer that pulled him over is dragged along with the minivan, before letting go and rolling along the road.

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He then runs back to his patrol car to give chase, and what unfolds next wouldn’t look amiss in a Hollywood action film.

While police are in pursuit, a passenger can be seen jumping out of the van’s side door then running off on foot. LaForce, on the other hand, continues to try to evade police.

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After driving across the edge of what looks like a parking lot, the officers perform a pit manoeuvre, rolling LaForce’s van right into the path of oncoming traffic.

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LaForce was then arrested and taken to a medical centre for treatment. Charges are now pending against him.

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Two officers were treated for minor injuries.

Check out the heart-stopping video in full below, but be warned – it does contain a lot of bad language.

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