Jaguar announces range-boosting upgrade for I-Pace customers

Jaguar announces range-boosting upgrade for I-Pace customers

Jaguar has announced that it will be giving its I-Pace customers a complimentary upgrade for the all-electric model.

Using knowledge gained through the firm’s I-Pace eTrophy race series, Jaguar is now able to optimise the management of the vehicle’s battery – as well as other systems – to increase the efficiency of the powertrain overall.

The updates will see the I-Pace’s range bumped up by 12 miles to 292 miles, with a 0-80 per cent charging time of 40 minutes via a 100kW DC charger. Using a conventional 7kW wall box, achieving the same state of charge will take just over 10 hours.

Customers are being requested to take their vehicles to their nearest Jaguar dealership for the update to be completed. Not only does the edit increase the car’s range, but the latest software will mean that more aspects of the car will be able to receive remote, over-the-air updates. It will allow Jaguar to improve the vehicle more efficiently and conveniently.

The all-wheel drive system has also been refined to allow changes in the torque distribution between front and rear motors. It allows for better efficiency when in ECO mode, despite the car still delivering all-wheel-drive permanently.

More than 50 million miles of real-world analysis has meant that the I-Pace will be able to harvest more energy via regenerative braking. In addition, the testing has resulted in a more accurate calculation of range, giving drivers a consistent estimate of their total range.

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