Jaguar Makes Million Pound Cars, You Can’t Have One

Jaguar Makes Million Pound Cars, You Can’t Have One

Some 50 years ago Jaguar planned to make 18 lightweight E-Types but only managed 12.

Now, the final six are being made and that justifies a television documentary. Naturally.


You can watch the show ‘Inside Jaguar: Making a Million Pound Car’ on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.


The handmade E-Types will cost a whopping £1.2m each, making them Jaguar’s most expensive cars ever.

We want one and no doubt watching the documentary later will prompt us to compose emails begging Jaguar to let us just touch one of them.


But then even if we did have £1.2m we couldn’t have one anyway as Jaguar are picking who they want to own them, the lucky so-and-so’s.


We’ll just have to settle with the documentary and these pictures that have made us do a bit of drool on our keyboards.

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