Jaguar Tests Epic Sounding F-PACE SVR At The ‘Ring

Jaguar Tests Epic Sounding F-PACE SVR At The ‘Ring

The Jaguar F-PACE was one of the best cars of 2016, as it drove well, looked great and could genuinely hold a candle to the raft of German SUVs.


Now, you may think that with AMGs, Ms and SQs of this world that Jaguar wouldn’t be able to keep up with its performance counterparts.

But JLR has a secret weapon up its sleeve: the Special Vehicle Operations Division (SVO). The brand’s equivalent of James Bond’s Q branch takes your ‘bog standard’ Jags and Landys and turn them into wailing monsters.

SVO has got a hold of some F-PACEs and is now testing them around the Nürburgring, with these test mules supposedly fitted with a 5.0-litre V8.


Filmed smashing around the Green Hell, the mid-size SUV now sounds completely savage, belting out a soundtrack you can still hear well after you stop seeing it. It’s rather ungodly to be honest with you.


We just hope that Jaguar follows through with this model, and hopefully the F-PACE SVR will be on the roads in no time at all.

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