James May Struggling To Fill Void Left By Top Gear

James May Struggling To Fill Void Left By Top Gear

It’s often said those who work longer, live longer.

Older people have been shown to stave of a decline in mental state the longer they remain active and contribute to the work force.

Worrying proof of this has come from Top Gear presenter James May, who doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself now that his job as host of the world’s biggest car show is in question.

Rather than spending time enjoying his Ferrari or his light aircraft, Captain Slow has taken to creating a new YouTube channel, entitled ‘JM’s unemployment tube’, in which he’s been delighting viewers with his latest hobby: learning the recorder.

Looking dejected and bleary eyed – thanks to what looks like an epic hangover – May has already mastered Greensleeves and is taking requests. Suppose it beats watching Jeremy Kyle all day.

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