JLR showcases new dealership safety processes ahead of June 1 reopening

JLR showcases new dealership safety processes ahead of June 1 reopening

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the measures being put in place to ensure customer safety ahead of dealerships reopening on June 1.

Dealers for the British car maker are implementing processes following Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) guidance, ensuring the very highest levels of customer safety are retained.

JLR dealership
Floor markers will be used to keep social distancing in place

Floor markings have been applied to help with social distancing while all non-fire doors will be opened to limit the need to use handles on doors. All staff will be wearing face masks, while hand sanitiser will be available too.

Visitors to the site will be given staggered appointment times to reduce the number of people entering the site and test drives will be unaccompanied too.

Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director, Rawdon Glover said: “We are clear it is essential to operate in a new way that safeguards our customers and retail partners. We’ve worked hard, in particular over the past few months, with our network and relevant industry bodies to develop a set of guidelines to ensure we achieve the highest standards.

JLR dealership
All doors will be kept open to limit the amount of potential transfer onto surfaces

“While the Jaguar and Land Rover retail environment is very well suited to achieve this with fully trained staff, we also have a range of other ways our customers can interact with us, whether virtually or using ‘at home’ services.”

The vehicles on the showroom floor will remain locked – though they can be unlocked at the customer’s request. They will then be cleaned and re-locked.

Cars which have been serviced will be sanitised before handover too, while those people who are taking delivery of a new JLR vehicle will be given a handover via video to help them out with the initial features and controls of the car.

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