Journalist Crashes Prototype Chevrolet, Gets Asked To Leave

Journalist Crashes Prototype Chevrolet, Gets Asked To Leave

If you get offered the chance to test drive a 2016 model of, well, any car, here’s a tip: Don’t crash.

Especially not on video. That would be bad. Very bad.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what one Jalopnik journalist did during an on-track media event for the latest Chevrolet Camaro in Michigan.


Whilst driving the V6 automatic Camaro, he hit a corner a little too enthusiastically and ended up slamming into the tyre wall, damaging the left-hand panel and front wheel on the prototype muscle car.


Unsurprisingly, he was asked to leave.

The unfortunate American, who attributed the accident to his enthusiasm to try and up with the lead car – a much faster V8 Z28 track special – was genuinely regretful and expressed his apologies to Chevrolet in the video.


Whilst we feel bad for the guy, we also can’t help but laugh.

As the old proverb goes: ‘One man’s misfortune, is another man’s laughter.’ At least it’s something like that. Here’s the video in full.

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