Just How Much Is Amazon Paying For Clarkson And Co?

Just How Much Is Amazon Paying For Clarkson And Co?

It’s going to cost viewers £79 a year to watch Clarkson, May and Hammond on Amazon Prime, which is causing some people to baulk at the prospect, but that’s just peanuts compared with what the online retailer has had to shell out to sign them up.

Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos, pictured below, won’t be drawn on the price. However, it’s believed the deal is worth some £160m for three series.

All Bezos will say is that it will be “very, very, very expensive” for the company and that he’s “very excited” about it. He astutely adds:

They’re worth a lot and they know it.

Sounds like the trio have been driving a hard bargain. But have they overpriced themselves? Only time will tell.

Tentatively titled The Clarkson, Hammond and May Car Show – my, that’s snappy! – the show will start on the streaming service sometime next year.

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