The Ken Block Of Trucks Hoons Around Cuba

The Ken Block Of Trucks Hoons Around Cuba

Seeing drivers lark around is one glorious gift of the internet.


With Ken Block leading the way via his Gymkhana series, it isn’t difficult to find someone else hooning about in some souped-up vehicle, and this latest one could be one of the best.

BJ Baldwin – who is basically the Ken Block of trophy trucks – has released the fourth in his ‘Recoil’ series, having taken his 850bhp Toyota Tundra to Cuba so that he can go completely bonkers.

Closing streets for insane stunts


Drifting around the jungle


Even putting out fires! (See? Driving fast saves lives – sort of)


Anyway, based on the theme of arriving at a party on time, Baldwin goes the long way round to get to Havana and puts a lot of drivers in their place with some brilliant action.

Check out the full video for some great off-road action.

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