Ken Block’s Back – And He’s Better Than Ever

Ken Block’s Back – And He’s Better Than Ever

We all love Ken Block, don’t we?

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He’s a tyre-shredding, clutch-burning maniac famous for performing insane stunts in some of the world’s most iconic locations. And guess what? He’s back with Gymkhana 8.

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This time he’s on the streets of Dubai, throwing his customised Ford Fiesta through dunes and along tarmac.


He even has a donut session surrounded by, ahem, some of Dubai’s police cars.


It looks like he’s pulled off another trick, racing from scene to scene and going through (what looks like) an endless set of tyres.

We’ve waited a while for this latest Gymkhana video, and it’s great to see Block back on our screens.

Now to wait for the next one…

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YouTube / Ford Performance - via Iframely

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