Lambo Owned On Drag Strip By Inbetweeners Lookalike

Lambo Owned On Drag Strip By Inbetweeners Lookalike

Buy a 6.5-litre V12 Lamborghini and you’d think you’d have all you need to cover yourself in glory at your local drag strip.

Normally you’d be right, but the Murcielago in the video below finds itself lined up on the start line against that other titan of Italian engineering, a tatty looking Fiat Cinquecento hatchback of Inbetweeners fame.


The first clue that this isn’t going to go the Lambo owner’s way is the cacophony coming from the back of the Fiat. It’s not tuneful but it does drown out the Murcielago’s normally ear-splitting motor.

Seconds later it’s all over. The Fiat launches off the line, gaining a clear lead. The Murcielago manages to claw it back, but not in time to take the chequered flag.

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