Lamborghini Huracán Takes On Mont Ventoux In The Dark

Lamborghini Huracán Takes On Mont Ventoux In The Dark

Mont Ventoux is normally a very fearsome test for the Lycra-clad people known as cyclists.

The 1,912m-high mountain in the south-eastern corner of France is a truly striking landmark, with its weather station at the summit.

Sometimes used as one of the climbs on the Tour de France, Ventoux is a beast of an ascent on a bike, and we imagine that in a high-powered supercar at night it will feel just as treacherous.

In this video, French magazine Motorsport Mag tackles Ventoux in a 572bhp rear-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2, just as the last light is fading on the horizon.


Despite the mountain being notorious for steep drops to the side of the road, the driver pulls no punches through the gloomy forest and you can hear the 5.2-litre V10 screaming up and down the mountain.


We doubt the driver got anywhere near the top speed of 199mph, but by the sounds of things they go hell for leather around some of the corners.

The Huracán may not be the most extreme Lambo ever, but we’re sure it’s more than enough of a handful along this twisty mountain road.

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