Lamborghini Loses Fight With Fire, Badly

Lamborghini Loses Fight With Fire, Badly

There are many things that a Lamborghini Aventador can do, but surviving a fire is definitely not one of them.

The £250,000 supercar went up in flames in Dubai resulting in the owner hosing it down with a fire extinguisher praying that it would go out.

SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t go out.


Once the fire was finally put out with a real hose, the yellow Aventador had been fully cremated into a black, ashy mess.

Its engine – the very same that catapults the car from 0-60mph in less than three seconds – is thought to have failed and caused the Lambo to go up in flames. But we don’t know that for sure so we could be lying.

Watch the full video below to see the toasty results…

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