Lamborghini Releases New Clothing Range, Commits Accidental Partridge

Lamborghini Releases New Clothing Range, Commits Accidental Partridge

Ice white shoes. Ice white socks with navy double cadet stripe. Tan stringback driving gloves.

All masterpieces in fashion, but sadly, relegated to the wardrobes of Steve Coogan’s imagination.

Happily though, the Strolling Pastel dreams of Norfolk’s 5th best radio DJ live on in the merchandising departments of the world’s premium car manufacturers.

Lamborghini is the latest to throw an #AccidentalPartridge, thanks to their Spring/Summer 2015 clothing collection headlined by, and we quote:

Elegant three-button men’s blazer […] with undercollar insert made of reflective fabric and inside pocket with zip closure.

Lovely stuff. Not our words, readers – the words of the Lamborghini Press Office.

Anyway, rather than parade Lambo’s new range of garments in front of you, we decided to invent a new game: Partridge or Press Release?

Answers underneath on Lynn’s fat envelope.

#1: Partridge or Press Release?


#2: Partridge or Press Release?


#3: Partridge or Press Release?


#4: Partridge or Press Release?


#5: Partridge or Press Release?





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