Lamborghini’s latest concept is the electric hypercar of the future

Lamborghini’s latest concept is the electric hypercar of the future

Please just make it stop!

It feels as though every time we petrolheads lull ourselves into a false sense of security and try to forget about the impending doom of traditionally powered cars, yet another great marque turns to the dark side and embraces electricity.

This time, the turncoat is none other than Lamborghini. Yes, the mental Italian hypercar company has decided that EVs are the way forward and given us a taste of what it thinks the future looks like.

The extraordinary-looking vehicle you see before you is called the ‘Terzio Millennio’ – which, in case you didn’t work it out, is Italian for ‘Third Millennium’. Lamborghini has created it as a concept of how its models will look in the years to come.

Futuristic design elements have been incorporated into the concept, all of which are based around advancing technology. The architecture is supposed to improve airflow and aid aerodynamics, while the monocoque is made of Lamborghini’s forged composite technology and draws inspiration from motorsport.

In terms of power, the car moves away from typical batteries and instead is designed to implement supercapacitors, which, along with a yet-to-be-developed energy storage system, will deliver more power but with less wear on the vehicle.

The carbon-fibre body is not only ultra-lightweight but it also acts as an energy accumulator, so the whole car structure can be used to store power. In addition, the body will be able to detect any damage to it as part of a self-preservation programme.

Each wheel of the Terzio Millennio will have its own electric motor, incorporating features such as high torque, reversibility and power transfer via wire into a four-wheel-drive system.

Lamborghini insists that the Terzio Millennio would be a phenomenal car to drive.

Of course, it must be stressed that this car is only a concept and we can’t say if it’ll go into production or not. However, what we do know is that Lamborghini has started mapping out the future and hardcore petrolheads won’t be happy.

Stefano Domenicali, chairman and CEO of Lamborghini, said:

We are inspired by embracing what is impossible today to craft the realities of tomorrow – Lamborghini must always create the dreams of the next generation.

Let’s just hope those crazy geniuses don’t stop making petrol cars any time soon…

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