Lap Silverstone In 360 Degrees In A Ford Mustang

Lap Silverstone In 360 Degrees In A Ford Mustang

Want to drive a Ford Mustang around Silverstone? Here’s your chance.

Well – not quite.

In this interactive video released by Ford Europe, viewers are sat in the virtual driving seat thanks to the clever use of an array of cameras and one talented professional driver.

The 80-second long film is complete with interactive gauges and displays which allow the viewer to check the Mustang’s speed, position on the track and RPM.

With 7-time British Motorsport Champion Paul Swift at the wheel, the video was made in just a day using 6 GoPros, a drone and a bumper-mounted camera.

It was made to promote the new 5.0 litre Ford Mustang V8, which is now available in the UK for the first time in the car’s 50-year-history.

Watch the video below, or for desktop and laptop users, check out the interactive version here.

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