Last Ever Veyron Rolls Off Production Line, At Last

Last Ever Veyron Rolls Off Production Line, At Last

Over-compensating car owners of the world, mankind has hit a sad moment.

The ultimate manhood-extension – the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale [and breathe] – marks the death of Bugatti’s 21st century road rocket, which replaced style and panache with power. And more power.

In true celebration of how more power makes everything better, Bugatti has seen fit to give the 450th – and final – Veyron the most powerful engine it makes. And extra two-tonedness.

With 1,184 demented Germanic ponies gnashing away furiously behind the driver and a spoiler-mounted ‘La Finale’ logo, the final Veyron boasts all the class of a dodgy backstreet Las Vegas motel.

Thankfully, with the nought to 62mph sprint taking just 2.6 seconds, few people will see you behind the wheel of this hypercar gauchefest.

See the final ever Veyron being made in the video below.

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