Lewis Hamilton’s Race Helmet Competition Inspires Wacky Designs

Lewis Hamilton’s Race Helmet Competition Inspires Wacky Designs

Instagram star, Snapchat addict, tattoo collector and occasional racing driver Lewis Hamilton has taken to social media yet again – this time with a rather unique competition.

Although F1 drivers are famed for swapping their helmet designs more often than they change their fire-retardant pants, Hamilton is letting the public design his 2017 helmet, which he says he’ll wear all season long.

Posting the competition to Instagram (of course), Hamilton commented that he was ‘on the look out for a dope new layout that evolves my current theme and features the candy apple red in my existing design’. All that people have to do to enter is put their design on the template and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #LH44Design.

But then this is the internet and not everyone is on board with the earnest message, not least the legion of people who find Hamilton just rubs them up the wrong way. Take this submission for example:

Of course, nothing put to a public vote these days can escape a Blanky McBlankface entry and, sure enough:

Some of the entries play on Formula One culture, such as the ‘Fake Charlie Whiting’ (F1’s race director) spoof Twitter account:

Or Hamilton’s favourite rival, Crashtor:

A photo posted by F1 Game Gameplay (@f1.game) on

You won’t be surprised to learn that there’s more than a few fantastically obscene entries, commonly featuring genitals-based motifs, but other inspirations include Hamilton’s bulldog Roscoe:

A photo posted by Vígh Valentin (@turokmaktou) on

However, of all of the entries, serious or satirical, this one is our absolute favourite:

A photo posted by GREG (@g.p.robertson) on

Entries have to be in by midday on Monday, February 6.

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