Like Singing In Your Car? Here’s Our Top 10 Sing-Along Selfies

Like Singing In Your Car? Here’s Our Top 10 Sing-Along Selfies

Road safety organisations will tell you that filming a sing-along video while driving on a public road is a very bad idea.

But when you’re safely parked, it’s absolutely the best idea ever. For example, the three extremely hot girls in the video below managed to rack-up over 10 million views on YouTube with their in-car homage to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Driving and singing is not big, it’s certainly not clever but it sure is entertaining. Here’s the top 10 best in-car sing-alongs of all time.

NB: Not all videos contain hot girls. Soz.

#1 The girls from the SketchShe YouTube channel film excellent Queen routine. Extra points for excess boob grabbing.

#2 Four Italian ladies have a go at Break Free. Minus points for singing while driving. Naughty.

#3 Yeah, but the Wayne’s World boys beat everyone to it in 1992 with this storming effort.

#4 An American cop sings along to Taylor Swift, 31 million people instantly want to be arrested by him.

#5 A massive 25 million views for Serebro with their in-car rendition of Mama Lover. The lady on the left very neary crushes her spectacles in the miming melee.

#6 Taylor Swift hits back with Greg James in tow.

#7 Rixton (yeah, we’ve never heard of them either) ditch the radio in favour of a mobile gig.

#8 You didn’t think we would write a top 10 feature and not include Frozen, did you?

#9 Couple interperet “You’re the one That I Want” and score nearly two million views. We don’t condone no-hands driving.

#10 You can’t have an in-car sing-along feature without a token Alan Partridge clip. Watch the master in action…

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