Lorry Tries To Beat Level Crossing, Doesn’t Go Well

Lorry Tries To Beat Level Crossing, Doesn’t Go Well

We all know what happens by now when a car tries to beat a train to a level crossing and fails.

So quite what was passing through the mind of this articulated lorry driver in the tiny Czech city of Frýdek-Místek when he tried to do the same escapes us.


It’s not even like he’s just misjudged things – the track is open and visible in both directions and the warning lights are flashing away. It’s a deliberate attempt to get through the crossing before the train gets there.

Perhaps he forgot he was in a lorry and, for a brief and misguided moment, thought he was driving a Plymouth GTO.


Either way, the result is pretty predictable…

YouTube / Ivan765 – via Iframely

We understand that with the train slowing for the station – just out of view on the right – only the truck driver was hurt, suffering minor injuries. VERY lucky indeed!

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