Lotus Evora 400 Is Norfolk’s Maddest Two-Seater Yet

Lotus Evora 400 Is Norfolk’s Maddest Two-Seater Yet

Could this finally be the Porsche 911-rivalling Lotus we’ve been waiting for?

No, probably not. But it is officially Lotus’s ‘fastest and most powerful’ production car to date. Alright, we’re listening…

Effectively an even more beefed-up version of the standard Evora, the 400 has – believe it or not – 400bhp on tap from its supercharged Toyota 3.5-litre V6.

That extra power, combined with some typical Lotus weight-shedding (22kg has been lopped off), means the Evora 400 does 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, with top speed quoted as 186mph. To put these stats perspective, that’s Porsche 911 GTS pace – and that’s £91,000 of car, while the Lotus is reportedly to start at around £72,000.

As is the way with Lotus, you do get less in the way of luxuries. This partially comes down to the brand’s admirable desire to kill unnecessary weight before it’s even added, but things like the Alpine aftermarket-look stereo do show it up against posher rivals.

It’s bound to be brilliant to drive, though, so we can forgive it. Will potential Porsche buyers be queuing round the corner to get their hands on one? Well….


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