LOUD NOISES! Just Listen To This Stunning V8!

LOUD NOISES! Just Listen To This Stunning V8!

As any petrolhead knows, engines are always better if they’re prefixed by a V. From the smooth 1.8-litre V6 found in the old MX-3 to the howling V12 of a Lamborghini Aventador, they’re all special. One type of engine, however, seems to resonate more than most: the V8.


Whether it’s bubbling away in the classic Range Rover that parks outside our office or powering a snarling C 63 down the outside lane of the M40, we all love a good V8, but we might just have found our favourite example of the fine breed.

The soundtrack to this video, shot at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti, near Parma, Italy, is the sort of thing that is just begging to be played through a pair of massive £14,000 speakers, so sit back, shut your eyes and luxuriate in the noise made by this immaculate Ford GT40.


For those interested, the noise is coming not just from the GT40 but from its 4.7-litre Ford Windsor 289 V8. Also available as an option on the original 1964 Mustang, this 90-degree V8 produces a dirty, rebellious snarl that’s enough to make any fast car fanatic weak at the knees.


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