We Love The Ford Focus ST, Here’s Why, Plus Win A Cool Watch

We Love The Ford Focus ST, Here’s Why, Plus Win A Cool Watch

We love a good hot-hatch more than we love hot dinners, which explains why we adore our long term Ford Focus ST so much.

It is ruddy good.

To celebrate our love in we’ve not only taken some time out from fighting over the keys to tell you why but we’ve also managed to blag a cool Ford Focus ST watch to giveaway. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on it.

It handles…


The Focus ST has the ability to take any corner at speed while keeping all four wheels firmly on the tarmac. Lovely.

Good value


The price tag could have been £5,000 more and we would still be impressed. It is amazing how much fun and practicality you can have for so little nowadays. Oh, you want to know how much? 22,195 of your hard earned pounds please.

Growly Soundtrack


The ST’s soundtrack is music to every petrol head’s ears. The sound is even channeled up thought the dash to ensure that when the right foot gets planted a rather loud noise follows. Grrr.



The 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine offers 247bhp and will get you from 0-62mph in just 6.5 seconds. We like this.

It looks sexy!


Just look at it! Its new badass front grille gives the front end a mean look and the rest of the car follows suit.

Kit parade


The cabin is packed with cool kit including carbon fibre trim, a sports steering wheel and excellent Recaro sports seats in the front. There’s even a clever multimedia system that plays our music. We like music.

It’s practical

Don’t forget, this is still a Ford Focus. Five people will fit comfortably in the cabin, as will their luggage. You can even fit your Great Dane in the boot if you have one. Probably.

It can do this…


In our books, that is very cool!

Top Gear said the ‘ST is a great hot hatch’


And even though they got fired (sort of) we reckon they know their stuff…

AND you can have a cool watch to go with it…


Now, if only someone would give you the chance of winning said watch with Ford Focus ST branding and a brake calliper detail in GOLD.

Well, luckily for you we are doing just that! If you want to win £170 worth of super cool Focus ST watch then here is how you can.


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We’ll draw the winner in the not too distant future. Good luck!

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