Lovely jubbly! Only Fools and Horses Reliant Regal sells for £41,625

Lovely jubbly! Only Fools and Horses Reliant Regal sells for £41,625

How much would you be prepared to pay for a Reliant three-wheeler?

A few hundred pounds maybe? Well, someone has just spent £41,625 on one – albeit one that starred in the iconic British TV comedy Only Fools and Horses.

This particular example is mainly known for appearing in the 2002 trailer for the BBC show, although it also appeared in the ‘If They Could Only See Us Now’ episode, driven by Rodney and Del Boy around Monaco.

We were at the Silverstone Auctions sale at the NEC Classic Motorshow, where a fierce bidding war took place between buyers in the room, on the phone, online and via commission bids.

The car eventually sold for an incredible £37,000 (hammer price) before fees were added, bringing the total sale price to £41,625.

The buyer, Christopher Boydon, said he’d be using it to promote his business, Tardis Environmental UK.

He told SuperUnleaded:

Everyone recognises the car and it will be a fantastic promotional tool for the company. I’m absolutely over the moon with it as I’m a big fan of Only Fools and Horses, along with thousands of other people.

The sale also saw many RS Fords with exceptionally low mileages come up for grabs. A 1996 Ford Escort Cosworth that had covered just 827 miles sold for an incredible £91,125 alongside a 6,000-mile 1988 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth that went for £112,500.

We wish ‘Del Boydon’ all the best with the Reliant. He’s certainly no plonker!

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