Driver Has A Scary Lorry Near-Miss – Twice…

Driver Has A Scary Lorry Near-Miss – Twice…

Everyone has a close scrape from time to time.

However, this driver near the city of Kurgan in Russia had not just one major near-miss but TWO within seconds of each other.

Travelling down a busy road, the driver with the dashcam swerves to avoid a lorry that’s foolishly pulled out of a queue and is heading straight for them – only to go straight into the path of another big rig.


Fortunately, they’re able to avoid the second lorry as well, and end up plunging down an embankment at the side of the road.


It may seem bad, but it could have been an awful lot worse.

Going by the date stamp on the video, it happened more than a year ago, but it’s only recently been uploaded to YouTube – where it’s already had more than half a million views – and as was demonstrated three days ago, dashcams can be notoriously inaccurate when it comes to telling us when something happened.

Anyway, check out the full video below – it’s true heart-in-the-mouth stuff.

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