Make Your Car Go Faster On A Budget

Make Your Car Go Faster On A Budget

If you’re into cars, there’s a good chance you want to go fast.

But as we all know, ‘want’ doesn’t ‘get’, and going faster usually comes at a cost.

However, you can do some small things that don’t cost the earth to help your ride’s performance.

Add lightness


This is one of the easiest ways to make a car a little bit faster. Yes, it’ll take some time, but by removing excess weight from inside you’ll gain valuable seconds.

Change the oil


It’s simple, but it works. Changing your car’s oil ensures that it’s running as smoothly as possible and pushes a little more horsepower from the engine – which is nice.

Top up the air


Making sure that each tyre has enough air in it might sound easy but it makes a big difference. Check the sidewalls to make sure you’re filling them to the right PSI.

Fit a new air filter


You’ve got to make sure your car is breathing right and a new air filter can help do this. Plus, they’re not difficult to fit.

Change fuels


This one is going to cost you a little more, but filling up with a premium fuel can help your engine perform better, as well as giving you a few extra miles between trips to the pump.


These tips don’t cost the earth but they really can help make a difference with your car. So if you’re looking to go faster for less money, give them a try.

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