Man Avoids Head-On Collision, Rolls His Car Instead

Man Avoids Head-On Collision, Rolls His Car Instead

It’s easy to forget how dangerous driving can be. And this unlucky motorist had his world – and car – turned upside down just because one stupid motorist couldn’t wait to overtake.

This incredible footage comes from a head-mounted camera, which gives a sobering point-of-view perspective to the crash.

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Christopher Telford was cruising through the countryside of Lancaster when he drove over a blind crest to see a scary sight. Two cars were driving towards him and one of them – a blue BMW – was making an ill-advised overtaking manoeuvre.

The oncoming driver decided to commit to the pass, leaving Telford with less and less space to get by. He slams on his Toyota Yaris’s brakes, locking the wheels and sending him sideways.

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His little hatchback hits a wall beside the road and is sent into a roll. Remarkably, he escapes unharmed and quickly climbs out of the smashed window – after uttering a totally understandable expletive.

According to the video: ‘The police are handling things regarding the blue BMW driver’, so it’s unclear whether anyone will face prosecution.

Hopefully, though, next time this BMW driver is feeling impatient they’ll think twice about where they overtake.

Check out the full video below…

Video courtesy of Christopher James Telford/ViralHog

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