Man Crashes Rented Ferrari Into Taxi

Man Crashes Rented Ferrari Into Taxi

Supercars are exactly what they say on the tin – super powerful.

And if you can’t handle the power, then maybe you should leave the driving to someone who can afford to fix things when they mess up.

Unfortunately, this guy forgot his lack of driving ability when he rented a £220,000 Ferrari 458 Italia.

The stunning car, on a ’64 plate, and with less than 5,000 miles on the clock, ended its life wedged under a taxi on a suburban street in Luton.


Jamie Ford, co-owner of the luxury car hire firm from which the vehicle was rented, Prestige Lifestyle, commented:

When I saw what had happened I was absolutely devastated. I just wish people had more respect for super cars. People need to realise that they are not invincible.

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