Man Drifts Bathtub, Scares Off Rubber Ducks

Man Drifts Bathtub, Scares Off Rubber Ducks

Rub-a-dub-dub, who’s in the tub? A completely bonkers man who has decided to turn it into a vehicle, that’s who!

A lot of crazy thoughts can happen in the bath: ‘Shall I sell my house and buy a supercar?’ ‘Can my iPad rest on the taps?’

Well, this man has gone even crazier and decided to stick four wheels and an engine on an actual bath.


Powering the four-wheeled tub is a 120bhp four-pot motorbike engine that revs right up to 15,000 and confirming its place at the top of our COMPLETELY INSANE list.

Despite previously being the home of several rubber ducks, the tub-kart seems very capable on the track and the driver certainly doesn’t worry about holding back.

Check out the video to see some of the cleanest drifting you are ever likely to see…

YouTube / MPZRACEVIDEO - via Iframely

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