Think You Can Drive A Car Off A Tow Truck? Think Again…

Think You Can Drive A Car Off A Tow Truck? Think Again…

If we sat here all week we couldn’t come up with all the reasons why this was never going to work.

This motorist in Ireland finds his Toyota Avensis has been hoisted by a Hiab and ready for removal. Somewhat upset by the situation, he decides he isn’t going to take it lying down and jumps into the driver’s seat to take it back…

We’re not entirely sure what’s going through the eejit’s head when he reckons that driving his car off a platform five feet off the ground is a sensible option, but he tries anyway. Perhaps he thinks he’s been clever by waiting for all the straps to be removed from his wheels – after all, those things can hold a couple of tonnes each.


After an aborted first attempt when he can’t get enough acceleration to satisfy him – as we all know, when faced with a problem just add speed and it’ll all be okay – he takes a second and slightly more catastrophic run at it.


Despite no longer being attached to the car, one of the tie straps snags a rear wheel on the way past, immediately halting his progress and partially spinning the car. Its work done, the strap frees itself and another wraps itself round the opposite front wheel.


With the car now dangling precariously off the flatbed, balanced on the chassis with the wheels clean off the ground, our ‘hero’ is sheepishly forced to abandon the bid for freedom, albeit after a few more attempts to get some motion out of the car.

We reckon he was pretty fortunate, though – we’ve seen enough Dukes of Hazzard episodes to know the result of a landing like that.


Now, that may seem like a clean getaway but take a closer look at the suspension…

You can watch the whole tow truck misadventure here, complete with baying crowd and occasional expletives:

YouTube / ThePoisonChocolate – via Iframely

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