Man Sees A Parked Van, Takes Quite A Shine To It…

Man Sees A Parked Van, Takes Quite A Shine To It…

Yeah, a lot of people out there love cars. We get that.


Everyone here at SU HQ is the same – within reason.

Not quite like one particular man in America, though, who was reported to have pulled down his shorts and put his man parts on the front grille of a parked van.


Yup. Really.

Apparently, police found a man known as Michael Henson in a drunken state and wandering the streets of Dayton, Ohio, in just a pair of shorts and shoes.

After placing him in their patrol car, officers questioned the person who had first reported the incident. They said they’d witnessed Henson standing near a parked car before – well, you know


Henson was then arrested for public indecency and placed in prison – with his bail set at $2,500 (£1,915).

The van was unavailable for comment.


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