Marquez Goes Mad At Assen, Steals Scooter

Marquez Goes Mad At Assen, Steals Scooter

MotoGP rider Marc Marquez is known for his antics on the track, and the recent Assen GP was no exception.

In what was a busy day of qualifying on Saturday, the 23-year-old managed to save a potentially massive front-end loss of control during FP3.

Continuing to push throughout the day, the Spaniard crashed out at slow speed during the wet FP4 session, and in an effort to get back on track, he committed grand theft auto.

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Incredibly, after the commandeering the photographers bike to get back to the pits, Marquez managed to finish qualifying in fourth position on the Honda Repsol team’s spare bike.

Commenting after the race, he said:

“It was the scooter of Tino, the photographer. After I fell the first target was to get back to the box. There was nobody there to take me back and I saw one scooter with the keys in!

“When I turned the scooter around I saw Tino and I ask if I can take it. He said ‘ok’ – but honestly if he say ‘no’ I would continue!”

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