Maserati releases new details surrounding MC20 supercar engine

Maserati releases new details surrounding MC20 supercar engine

Maserati has disclosed some fresh information about the engine set to power its upcoming MC20 supercar.

While the official launch is set for September 9, following several setbacks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Maserati has given a closer insight into the engine powering the supercar. It’s a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 producing 621bhp and 730Nm of torque, with peak power arriving at 7,500rpm.

Maserati MC20
Maserati paid tribute to the late Sir Stirling Moss with a special livery

Maserati has also fitted the engine with Twin Spark ignition to help prevent ignition breakdown at higher rpm, while double overhead cams and variable valve timing have been included in the engine’s make-up too.

Recently revealed wearing a livery dedicated to the late Sir Stirling Moss, the MC20’s mid-engined layout was easy to see, alongside dedicated aerodynamic features such as a large front splitter and wide rear diffuser. It’s set to be built at the firm’s Viale Ciro Menotti plant in Modena, Italy – and the engine will be manufactured in the same location too.

Alongside the combustion-engined MC20, Maserati is also expected to unveil an all-electric version – though there has been no official confirmation from the Italian manufacturer yet.

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