McLaren teases next Ultimate Series hypercar

McLaren teases next Ultimate Series hypercar

Another day, another teaser…

Last week it was the Audi A7, but this time it’s McLaren’s turn to tease its next hypercar – and it’s set to be its most track-focused road car yet.

The upcoming car has been rumoured for some time, but has only just been officially confirmed as part of McLaren’s ‘Track22’ plan – which shows its vision up until 2022.

It’ll be delivered ahead of an upcoming hyper-GT car – codenamed the BP23 – in its Ultimate Series. Past cars from this series include the McLaren P1 and P1 GTR.

(McLaren P1)

McLaren recently gave us a glimpse of the upcoming car with a 720S that featured a central seating position – a hark back to the original Mclaren F1 that had an iconic three-seat set-up, with the driver sitting in the middle.

All 106 of these cars have already been accounted for, although we expect it won’t take long for obscenely expensive examples to appear on the ‘used’ market not long after launch.

While details are very limited – even its name – further details are expected before the end of year. It’ll be shown in full in the first quarter of 2018, McLaren has said.

We can’t wait to see more!

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