McLaren’s Next Supercar Will Help You Drift Like A Boss

McLaren’s Next Supercar Will Help You Drift Like A Boss

Almost out of nowhere, McLaren has become one of the top supercar manufacturers in the world.

McLaren 675LT

Despite having only been around for six years, McLaren Automotive has produced some of the industry’s best, including the P1 and the 575LT.

McLaren 675LT

With the manufacturer poised to unveil the next generation of the Super Series at the Geneva Motor Show, it’s been sharing new innovations that will be in the new models, and one of those is a new chassis control system.

According to McLaren, the Proactive Chassis Control II system will help provide ‘an outstanding breadth of handling balance, grip and ride comfort’, and will come with three driving modes to give the right feel at the right time for the driver.

McLaren 675LT

By tracking driver control and road input via sensors throughout the car, including hub-mounted accelerometers, the ‘Optimal Controller’ algorithm calculates the right amount of grip and traction control needed to corner almost perfectly.

It comes with Comfort, Sport and Track modes, so you can either chillax in your cool supercar or go hell for leather on your nearest track and still get optimum performance.

1310777_040117_McLaren Automotive Announces Second-Generation Super Series_Monocage II image_final

But the main feature we’ve seen to make the new Super Series model even more wacky is the ‘Variable Drift Control’, which makes us water at the mouth.


The picture of the rumoured P14 shown here sees the next McLaren beauty going fully sideways and looking serene in the process. That is going to be one hell of a car!

McLaren P14 development - Idiada - Spain 24 January 2017

As McLarens have gained a reputation of being both brilliant to drive and so much fun on the track, we can only assume they’ve got even better with the upcoming models.

Hoon away, McLaren owners!

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