Meet ‘The Grand Tour’, The Most Anticipated Motoring Show… In The World

Meet ‘The Grand Tour’, The Most Anticipated Motoring Show… In The World

After many weeks and months of speculation, the previously unnamed new motoring show from Messrs May, Clarkson and Hammond has finally had the champagne broken across its bows.

The trio have decided to call the Amazon Prime show ‘The Grand Tour’, it was revealed today. Curiously, this is the Anglicised version of the phrase ‘Gran Turismo’, itself a famous racing game, and keen wordsmiths will note that the initials ‘GT’ are the reverse of the initials ‘TG’ – another little nod to their past, perhaps?

The name was unveiled on Twitter and Facebook, with this jaunty little video showing some possible rejected names for the show:

According to an official statement on the show’s Amazon site, the name comes from the fact that the show will be filmed from a tent in a different location around the world each week.

After months of deliberation and lots of useful suggestions from the public, for which the guys are very grateful, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have decided that, because they are taking their new Amazon Prime Show around the world, it will be called The Grand Tour.

Not only will the guys travel to different locations, but for the first time ever the studio audience recordings will travel every week, all housed within a giant tent. Amazon customers will have the chance to be in the audience when tickets are released through prize draws this summer.

We don’t know if the logo – the words ‘The Grand Tour’ hastily scribbled in black marker pen on three strips of gaffer tape – is the final product, but it wouldn’t surprise us all that much given Clarkson’s fondness for simple engineering solutions.

The Grand Tour will be on our screens – if you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription, that is – later this year.

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