Meet the mad boats car firms made

Meet the mad boats car firms made

Car manufacturers like to produce other products to show they can apply their technological know-how in all areas. Sometimes it’s bicycles, other times furniture and, just occasionally, boats.

The maritime industry marks an entry into the peak of ‘lifestyle products’ for car firms. Whereas a motor vehicle is a necessity for most, a boat is something to enjoy and relax in – which is exactly why car makers want to be associated with them.

Here, we’ve taken a look at some of the most impressive boats car firms have created.

Peugeot Sea Drive Concept – £Priceless one-off

Whereas Peugeot is more often thought of as a producer of compact, value-for-money hatchbacks, the French manufacturer teamed up with Beneteau to showcase that it could indeed build boats too.

The cockpit uses styling cues from Peugeot cars, including the small steering wheel – that features control buttons for major functions – and iCockpit infotainment system from the 3008 and 5008. It’s a dramatic looking thing, and is leagues away from anything that Peugeot sells today.

Aston Martin AM37S – £1.22m

Aston Martin has a distinct heritage of creating luxurious, powerful and hugely desirable motor cars – and this year it applied those traits to a yacht, with the AM37S.

Built in collaboration with Quintessence Yachts, the twin 512bhp-engined AM37S is capable of 50 knots – around 57mph.

Aston also let its craftsmen loose on the yacht, resulting in a boat with a high-quality cabin, while the main windscreen has been created from a single piece of glass to give it an all-encompassing look.

Lexus Sport Yacht – £Priceless one-off

The Sport Yacht marked a new direction for Lexus – typically behind the production of economical hybrid and petrol-powered cars.

Powered by two Lexus V8 engines, it certainly has performance on its side, with each producing 440bhp and meaning the Sport Yacht can achieve 43 knots, nearly 50mph.

As well as being fast, it has been designed to be practical. There’s a stove, sink and fridge inside as well as enough room for eight people.

Marauder AMG GT-S – £1.3m

Legendary tuners AMG and Cigarette Racing Team have teamed up on many occasions, but this Marauder AMG speed boat really stands out.

Not only does it look incredible, but it’s fast too! Powered by a pair of 1,528bhp engines, it can hit an incredible 135mph.

You get Bluetooth connectivity and a premium audio system – though whether or not you’ll be able to hear it while travelling at more than 100mph on water is another question.

Bugatti Niniette 66 – £2.99m

Built by Palmer Johnson in collaboration with Bugatti, the Niniette 66’s design takes distinct cues from the new Chiron – the side profile of the boat follows the same lines as the hypercar.

The Niniette features a double bed, flat-screen television and a carbon-fibre television while twin V8 engines can power it along to 51mph. The boat’s moniker derives from the pet name given by Bugatti’s founder Ettore Bugatti to his youngest daughter, Lidia.

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