Mercedes-Benz unleashes 75ft autonomous trucks for clearing snow

Mercedes-Benz unleashes 75ft autonomous trucks for clearing snow

Take a look at these 75ft, self-driving Mercedes-Benz trucks that can clear snow in airports.

A fleet of up to 14 self-driving trucks can work in unison using Mercedes-Benz’s new autonomous system.

The trucks clear snow off airport runways, minimising or even eliminating visibility issues. The system has been tested at the decommissioned Pferdsfeld air force base in Germany, where four trucks were linked – but this can be extended to 14.

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2045s are linked through a remote truck interface. Each one can pull a huge snow blower with a 26ft-wide blade on a semi-trailer, which also has its own six-cylinder engine. The whole rig is 75ft long and weighs 25 tonnes.

The operator drives the lead truck and operates the linked machines remotely, with the steering, throttle, brakes, transmission and auxiliary functions controlled from the lead truck. The monster machines are linked using dual GPS receivers and the latest vehicle communication technology.

Take a look at the impressive trucks in action in the videos below:

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