Even Tyres Could Be 3D Printed In The Future

Even Tyres Could Be 3D Printed In The Future

Guns, guitars, bikinis and now tyres. These are all things that can be made using a 3D printer.

Michelin has unveiled its new Visionary Concept, an airless and ‘rechargable’ tyre that uses 3D printing technology for the purpose of re-treading. The concept is actually a ‘tweel’, an existing idea that negates the need for air or wheels, but the 3D printing element is certainly pioneering.

The structure of the Visionary Concept is designed to last as long as the vehicle itself, with a nature-inspired honeycomb structure providing ‘ultra-durability’. The structure of the tyre is also fully recyclable, and produced entirely of already recycled materials. Hopefully, this will provide some hope for the slightly strange, desolate future depicted in the concept’s promotional video.

While we understand that change is inevitable, and bio-degradable, recyclable materials are the way forward, we dearly hope the tyre of the future doesn’t resemble a cheap frisbee from a seaside shop.


Story by Adam Weller

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