Mini harks back to classic 1275 GT with striking new model

Mini harks back to classic 1275 GT with striking new model

Manufacturers love to churn out classic names and reap the economic benefits from them.

Range Rover did it recently with the Velar – a nod to the name of the original Range Rover prototype – and Porsche has done it with its 718 Boxster, the 718 being a racing car built by Porsche between 1957 and 1962.

Now it’s Mini’s turn to cash in on its cars of the past.

The Mini 1499 GT is the brand’s way of doffing its cap to the classic 1275 GT of 1969.

Unsurprisingly – or perhaps thankfully – just 1,499 examples will be made. Well done Mini for actually using a relevant naming system – and yes, we’re looking at YOUAudi.

Priced from £16,990, it borrows features from the sporty John Cooper Works (JCW) model, including 17-inch alloy wheels, tinted windows and the JCW’s distinctive bodykit.

It’s very JCW on the interior too, with black sports seats and contrast red stitching. You also get Mini Connected Smartphone compatibility, cruise control and air con.

However, it definitely doesn’t come with JCW performance. Its 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine produces 101bhp, allowing it to get from 0-60mph in 10.1 seconds, whereas the JCW’s 2.0-litre four-cylinder powerhouse throws out a meaty 228bhp, enabling the car to reach 60 from zero precisely four seconds more quickly – yup, in just 6.1 seconds.

We certainly love it, but just wish that Mini would put something a bit faster under the bonnet.

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