This Modern Classic Is Our New Favourite Motorbike

This Modern Classic Is Our New Favourite Motorbike

Are you drawn to the motorcycles of yesteryear but repelled by their high maintenance and low power?

Fear not. Italian entrepreneur and bike enthusiast Fabio Cardoni has come up with the solution: a modern but seriously vintage-styled machine.

Black Douglas 5

Modern classics may be all the range at the moment, but no-one has quite gone as classic as Cardoni. The Black Douglas Sterling model is based on the earliest era of motorcycles: bicycle-framed models that rose to popularity during the First World War.

Black Douglas 6

With its long, angular tank, wide handlebars and bicycle-style saddle, the Sterling has hit the proverbial nail on the head. And it’s little wonder, with Birmingham-based Boneshaker Choppers engineer Benny Thomas having headed up the design.

This design was then made into reality in Cardoni’s own workshop near Milan, where 125cc or 230cc air-cooled single-cylinder engines from Chinese firm Zonfgshen are fitted to power the bikes.

Black Douglas 2

These powertrains, producing 12.75bhp and 14.10bhp respectively, can comfortably propel the bike up to speeds of 60mph via a hassle-free five-speed gearbox.

Certainly sounds good so far.

With a wide range of customisation option available – 30 different colours to be precise – and prices starting from just €9,882 (circa £8,600), what’s not to love about this seriously modern classic?

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