Mr JWW Goes Drifting In The Batmobile

Mr JWW Goes Drifting In The Batmobile

It’s fair to say that supercar vlogger Mr JWW has a pretty good life.

He gets to drive nice cars all day, every day and in cool locations that some petrolheads could only dream of visiting.

In one of his latest vlogs, he goes to Sweden to drive a recent Gumball Rally icon, the Galag Batmobile, on an ice lake alongside some super-powerful cars.

As well as joining supercar aficionado and skier Jon Olsson in a Mercedes GT3, JWW takes control of Galag’s rather wonderful creation and gets to stick it sideways on the super-slippery surface.

It’s an awesome sight, it has to be said, but we won’t spoil the rest of the vlog as it’s a pretty interesting watch altogether.


See the real-life Batmobile in action for yourself below.

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